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7 Amazing ways to use this $20 Rug

Welcome again to my lovely little world! I think you can tell already that I am a little bit in love with this rug and since I rave about it so much I decided to write about how I use this “rug” in so many ways that are not conventional “rug” uses.


It is definitely way more than a rug! The fact that I own so many and ordered another one last night tells you that its pretty darn awesome in my humble opinion. So, here is my humble opinion on why I like it and how I use it.


7 ways to use this rug: 

  1. As a Rug – no surprise there, bedroom, living room, bathroom, office, vanity, boutique closet, kids room, playroom, use it and move it around! 
  2. Ottoman Cover/Throw– I use this on my ottoman in my living room (with all the sizes I’ll likely get another one in a square shape. I also use this on top of my ottoman at the foot of my bed! My daughter will go there and make snow angels too! 
  3. Couch Throw – You can put this over the couch, the back of the couch, over a chaise…it is so soft and cuddly. I moved it to every spot in our house, until I broke down and bought more! 
  4. Chair Throw/ Chair Cover – These are wonderful over a chair as well! It looks and feels so luxurious. This rug is so versatile! I’ve used them on my wingback chair, my executive leather chairs, office chairs…they get around! 🙂
  5. Bed Throw/Cover – Just like on the couch, you can use this as a bed throw. I’ve used it at the foot of the bed and it is beautiful and inviting! 
  6. Table Runner – This year I got a little creative and I used 2 of these white rugs in my bedroom, on on top of my Dresser and one on top of my Armoire. It made a beautiful cozy snowy landscape! 
  7. Under the Christmas Tree –  You can use it as a snowy accent or even a tree skirt. I have the smaller animal shaped one under my tree. I’ve wrapped a long one around a tree base as a snowy foundation as well. 
$20 faux fur rug navy and goldChristmas tree decorations poinsettia
Navy rug used here as a chair cover. Feels so amazing to sit on and works perfectly on a wingback chair style!

This is officially my all time favorite rug! I have 4 of them right now, and 2 in my shopping cart on Amazon  in more colors! 


Top Reasons why I love it!


  • Affordable – all sizes! The Small animal shape one is $19! The 2.2 Ftx6ft one (I have 4 of) is only $32 (less your 5% amazon card discount and even more saved)!
  • Super soft and comfy – literally its so soft, I go out of my way to walk on it, my daughter still makes snow angels on them (again we live in FL, so that’s as close as she can get for now, LOL). 
  • Kid and Husband tested and approved! 
  • Versatile – Comes in many colors and sizes. I bought white ones for my  Winter Wonderland Decor  & Cozy Winter Bedroom Decor, but then I saw a navy one and got that one for my main living room area this year, which I did in Navy and Gold tones, and it was stunning! You can check out my board Navy and Gold Elegant Christmas Decor. 
  • Robot vacuum friendly (the shag fur ones did not hold up to my little Robot brushes)
  • Washable! I had two white ones in my room last year and my lovely daughter decided to put on some of mommy’s red lipstick and make snow angels on this soft rug – it is her favorite! Needless to say, yes, red lipstick on white rug! I figured it was all over but the crying. This year when I unpacked my “winter decor” I got my rugs out and saw that big red stain, and I thought, Oh crap! I decided well let’s just see if this is really machine washable…
    • I am happy to report, there is no trace of red! What?! Lipstick stain gone! Unreal! Now the rugs just became that much more appealing! My mom says  ‘I love those white rugs but I can’t have things like that, you’re dad will ruin it,’ I told her my lipstick story, and now she is considering getting some too! 
Here is the same rug in Navy! It is so amazing! I used it as a rug and a chair cover!

My Top 5 Cozy Winter Must-Haves: 

  1. Blankets – Soft, Cuddly, White/Cream/Ivory/Neutral/camel/brown (knit, chunky knit, faux fur)
  2. Pillows– Mix sizes and shapes. Use different textures. Same here…Soft, Cuddly, White/Cream/Ivory/Neutral/camel/brown (knit, chunky knit, faux fur)
  3. Rugs – Mix sizes and shapes. Use different textures. Same here…Soft, Cuddly, White/Cream/Ivory/Neutral/camel/brown (knit, chunky knit, faux fur)
    1. My #1 snowy rug find below
  4. Candles – nothing says let’s snuggle like a nice candlelight glow
    1. LED baby: I love candles, but let’s be real, safety first especially with my kids, not to mention with the number of candles I use I might set fire to the neighborhood, so best to stick with LEDs) You’ll see I’m all about mood lighting! 
  5. Trees – not just for Christmas anymore! Ahhh majestic pines …well the song exists for a reason – “thy leaves are so unchanging” – I say this gives us annual right of use! 😉
Here I used the white rugs as "snow blankets" on my dresser and Armoire! They work perfectly!


Check out my Amazon Idea Boards Winter Wonderland Decor  & Cozy Winter Bedroom Decor – you’ll see that almost everything I get from Amazon or Target, so if you see something you like, you can shop my boards and find just about everything I’ve used in my decor. 

I literally have used these rugs all over the place and I just keep buying more. I have a few more colors in my cart! LOL What can I say, they feel amazing, they wash up really well, and you just can’t beat the price and the versatility! 


As you can see, we are a snuggle up and get cozy kind of family. We make floor pallet forts, big crazy forts…all kinds!


The key ingredients: pillows, blankets, and soft cuddly rugs that double as throws! 

We are a Fort snuggle zone family - here we are preparing for cozy cuddle movie and game night!
Here I used the rectangle version of the rug on top of my "tv stand". Small animal shape in in front of the tree!
winter Christmas home décor bedding pine trees garland faux fur throw blankets winter wonderland bedroom louis vuiton
2020 - Here I used the rug over my ottoman at the foot of my bed - many snow angels made there too! 🙂
winter Christmas home décor bedding pine trees garland faux fur throw blankets winter wonderland bedroom louis vuiton
2020 - used as rugs in front of my Boutique closet! This is when the red lipstick fiasco happened while my daughter was making snow angels!

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the ways I use these awesome rugs! I hope they continue to be as awesome in quality as they are now!


I’ll post more on some ways I use the news ones I am about to buy! I actually I ordered one yesterday for my Luxury Winter Lodge Bedroom Decor (you can check out my Amazon Idea board to see what I’ve been buying! LOL).


Check out my coming post on my beautiful Luxurious Winter Lodge Bedroom! 


Hint..Playroom, Princess Room, Bathroom, Hallway, Office…let’s see where I stick them! The possibilities in my mind are endless!


I may find a hundred ways to use this rug! 


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P.S. Valentine’s day crafts – Luxurious for you, crafty fun for the kids! Coming this week! 

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