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I don’t set out to necessarily review products, but through the course of my life, it is just in my nature to do so. I am an avid researcher by nature of my profession so when I shop for something I do a ton of research, read lots of reviews, sort through the fraudulent ones, and find the best product for the best price. My “saver mentality” keeps me always looking for the best bargain, and I certainly don’t want to sacrifice quality for cost, but the two go hand in hand. The better the quality, the more likely I’ll be willing to pay more for it. But you can bet if it is something of lower quality then you will never catch me wasting money! Wasting money is not in my vocabulary, it is not something I do. Anything here you see me talking about, as a result of me researching, buying, and using something in my daily life, is something I either love or hated, and I’ll tell you honestly about it. I like to share the details of my hard work because it really is hard work and if I can share something I love with you all, that’s the goal. Everyone really values my research skills and my ability to find obscure items and great values, this is another reason why I want to share…everyone asks me to! Here in the product reviews section you’ll find all my experiences with these products I use and how they help my life, or just make me happy!

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