valentine's day 20 gift ideas for everyone

If music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it!

William Shakespeare
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10 Easy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Under $20!

I am the essence of Love and passion and all things romantic; as such, Valentine’s Day is most certainly a holiday that I hold dear to my heart. I am one of Shakespeare’s biggest fans after all! 

I always do some sort of gift for my daughter, she is my princess, and also for my man. This year I decided to do some extra gift “baskets” for the people I appreciate in my everyday life, that I don’t always get to tell like teachers, our school’s guardian, our state trooper (Copper-Dano I call him), crossing guard, Mr. UPS (as I call him lol), and others.

A quick little gift basket for a little girl. !$5! Definitely under budget and so affordable my daughter can make gifts for her friends too!
Will these make it as gifts to others…or stay as gifts to me? 🙂 I think these are mine!
Valentine’s Day can be just another day, or you can choose to make it a day put there to remind you to spread some Love. We all get busy, don’t get too busy for Love! Use this day to remind you if you forget! 
A little tiered tray is a fun alternative to a “basket”, add some bath bombs, sugar body scrubs shaped like hearts, rose soap petals and a lovely candle!!

Let’s show some Love to all the people out there making our lives better every day, or just spread some random Love! 

A few extra Ferrero Rocher gift boxes Can you believe I didn’t eat them yet?!

Love given freely is the greatest gift of all! 

A small token of appreciation goes a long way! I like to give Ferrero Rocher gift boxes. It is becoming a new tradition.

These roses I found this year are awesome! When I see someone in need of a gift of Love, I grab one and hand it out! It always makes everyone so happy! It makes great décor in the meantime! I put them in a vase!

Gift Ideas that double as decorations!

I went a little wild shopping at Target, but it was worth it!
During one of my Target shopping outings I happened to find a lot of crafting supplies, see my post on DIY Valentine’s Day Décor Crafts, some really cute kitchen towel sets, cute bakeware like pink, red, and white heart-shaped ramekins and pink and red small heart-shaped casserole dishes. These started out as craft ideas and gift ideas. A lot of these gifts may be self-love gifts…is that wrong? In my opinion, no! LOL Love yourself! 
This quickly became one of my favorites! “Love grows best in little houses like this”…so lovely! Thank you Target! $3 with a cute matching pot holder!

I do try to treat myself to some fun Valentine’s Day Self-Love Gifts! 🙂 Any why not?! I am a big fan of “self-love”! I mean, if you don’t love yourself, who will? I decided I was going to make some gift baskets for myself and my daughter that would double as cute decorations and serve the purpose of being a cute Valentine’s day gift as well. It turned into a really nice Spa Valentine’s Day theme! (See Valentine’s Day Spa Vignette post here – coming soon) 

Love my DIY XO & heart crafts! The perfect way to bring Valentine’s Day into my décor nice and slow…and these also make great additions to give baskets! Custom paint them to match someone’s décor, or just make them special in your own way!
I am still not over winter, and the Groundhog Phil agrees and said 6 more weeks of winter. I wanted to bring in Valentine’s Day gently, and still keep that winter wonderland feeling (Check out my Winter Wonderland Décor post). 

Don’t forget the men, ladies! 

Make a nice spa gift basket for him! My man loves a facial, a massage, the whole royal treatment! Why not show some love by making a nice brunch, book him a home spa day, and give him some much needed love and appreciation! Target carries some nice facial masks for men now! Grab some goodies for him, a nice manly candle, a sweet coffee mug, his favorite chocolate and you have a nice little man-gift-basket! Now, give him a nice massage and facial! That is the real gift! True love is free after all! Do the work! LOL 

10 Easy Valentine’s Gift Box/Basket Stuffer Ideas under $20:

  1. Start with a cute Heart-shaped box, or basket ($3-$5)
  2. Add a cute towel set ($3) 
  3. Coffee mug – coffee mugs are always a great idea. I have quite the collection!
  4. Add a heart-shaped ramekin/baking dish ($1-$3)
  5. Get a set of cute heart-shaped cookie cutters, add a few to each basket ($1-$3)
  6. Add a Valentine’s Day candle ($10max)
  7. Cute Pen/Pencil/Notepad – Always useful and always a great gift stuffer! Bonus you can get Valentine’s day pencils from Target and notepads too!
  8. Put in something special and personal that you made yourself. Even if it is just a hand written note, personal touch of You, can really make a gift truly a “gift”. 
  9. If you are in to baking (like me) then bake a lovely little cupcake or small cake in the heart-shaped ramekins and give that along with it! A lovely treat and a cute dish to keep! You can use those little ramekins for a lot of things like candy dishes, jewelry, catch-all! 
  10. Put some candy in there! Chocolate hearts, candy hearts, or be really luxurious and add a Ferrero Rocher Rose! (I got some of these that double as gifts and décor)
    • I like to keep these on hand to give to anyone I may need to help brighten their day! 
For my Valentine’s Day Décor check out my Amazon Idea Board “Valentine’s Day Decor”.
This DIY heart $1 from Target. A little love goes a long way!

A thoughtful gift goes a long way! 

Add a custom made piece to a fun filled box/basket and some fresh baked goodies to add a personal touch!  Check out my post on easy “Valentine’s Day crafts to DIY”.

Give a Valentine’s Day Spa Day to the whole family, the girls, or just you! Love and pamper go hand in hand!

Love is just Love. 


Keep some small gifts around and spread some Love! My UPS guy, school Guardian, the principal and teachers look forward to the little gifts that I give them. They have come to love Ferrero Rocher! Sometimes the smallest token of appreciation can make someone feel so wonderful; spread the Love!

cozy winter wonderland valentine's day 10 easy
When in doubt, give a bath bomb! I use them and I love to give them! I am also loving these rose petal soaps, until you use them, they act like potpourri! They smell amazing!
winter valentine's day neutral kitchen mug towel embroidered 10 easy

I Love this gift basket! I never give something I wouldn’t love to get! 


I found some great stuff at Target and Marshall’s this year! The Rae Dunn finds from Marshall’s are quickly becoming a new favorite! Is it bad if I keep all the gifts? LOL Yes, bad! But that’s why I bought so much, so I could share!

Gnome Lover Valentine's Day gift basket 10 easy
Gnome Love Basket - Coffee Valentine Travel Mug - Candle! They smell amazing and the ceramic mug and silicone lid are perfect to use when the candle is gone! Win-win!
Valentine's Day gift basket gnome soap towel mugs 10 easy
Rae Dunn soap bar, so cute! Towel sets for everyone! LOL I made lots of gifts this year!
cozy winter wonderland valentine's day book box X&O's candle
Another easy gift idea is a cute floral arrangement! I used conversation hearts here (added a small vase inside this one and layered the hearts on the outside around it - this way I can put real flowers in here as well if I want to!). Give a gift of faux flowers, with the ability to add real ones! Under $10
Valentine's Day gift basket gnome soap towel mugs 10 easy
Add a luxurious touch with the Ferrero Rocher Rose - I can't lie, they look awesome and I am so addicted! LOL

Check out my Amazon Idea Board for My DIY Project Supplies.

For some Décor finds check out my Amazon Idea Board “Valentine’s Day Decor”.

Subscribe for my coming posts and follow me on Instagram, Facebook YouTube, and Pinterest! I’ve got some videos posted already for valentine’s day crafts and decor ideas! Check them out now! 

P.S. Valentine’s day crafts – More coming this week! 

Plus great Valentine’s Day Bento Box Ideas for Kids! 

Also, Easy Romantic Valentine’s Day Brunch Ideas!

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