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My Fall Family Favorites

Fall is that time of year that screams family, so here are some of my Fall favorites!

fall harvest market tomatoes

Baking and cooking with my family have been some of my favorite memories.

There is nothing like making classic family recipes!

The ultimate smore's basket for a roasting good time!
Flaming marshmallow goodness!
Trekking through the corn field looking for dropped corn left from the harvest

Where I come from, it's Chili and Peanut Butter Sandwiches!

Chili and peanut butter sandwiches, that's how we do it where I come from!
Who says you can't set a nice folding table!

What are your favorite Fall Family Memories?

me in the corn fields Indiana Fur coat

Out in the sticks, Corn fields for days, don't get more Fall than that!

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