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5 Cheap & Easy Valentine’s Day Table Additions

Transform your Valentine's Day table for less than $5 a setting!

One thing I truly miss is having a formal dining room table! When we moved into our house 7 years ago, wow that seems long when I read it, I decided to convert the very tiny, and then un-used/mirror covered dining space into my “office”. I have had a home office since 2007 and it seemed like the perfect spot to stick my nice L shaped desk me and my dad put together for my first Home Office (see the post on my Home Office makeover and new custom built in Library Office space). 

Valentine's Day table Light pink simple heart

With no dining room, I decided I would renovate the kitchen as well and build out the peninsula to create a dining bar area, big enough for 4 lovely Frontgate stools! It worked out perfectly and frankly, it rarely gets used as well! LOL Good thing I didn’t waste that “tiny dining room” space! We all Love and Use my Home Office! 

Now…how to set a “bar-table”…it has been challenging in that regard as there is not a tremendous amount of space, approximately 111” or so (off my memory…I remember when I was measuring last summer, I used this big kitchen island to build a custom cornice for over my bedroom sliding doors…see my post on my DIY from garbage leftovers custom cornice). My custom cornice is HUGE! I am very proud of it, and it was a fun DIY project and a fun learning experience! 

Valentine's Day Table setting counter height barstool style

You can see I have my 4 Frontgate barstools spaced just so…again, not a lot of space, its like Goldilocks, its Just Right! This past August during one of my Marshall’s outings I happened to find a set of 4 quilted sunflower shaped placemats, and a 36′ table runner by Nicole Miller, all matching in a soft mustard yellow color. I am a sunflower addict from way back, so instantly I fell in love. I kept those babies on my kitchen island until Christmas knocked so hard on my door I had no choice but to venture out to Marshall’s in search of a similar set for Christmas! 

I never thought paper plates could look classy and actually be used in a table setting…I am happy to report that I was wrong!

Navy with pink hearts Valentine's Day table setting

As I prepared my Valentine’s Day Table settings yesterday I started playing around with the paper plates. I was quite thrilled to find that simply adding the $3 plates and napkins from Target not only worked, it looked really lovely! This is changing the way I look at paper plates again! I know there are really nice plastic $50-$70 sets that come with all the place settings for parties, weddings, and all that. I have bought those on Amazon (I have a few I saw and I am thinking about it still LOL), but I didn’t want to spend a lot and I actually really love my everyday table setting dinnerware GG Collection Acanthus set. I love that I can add a few small things to what I have and it looks like a special Valentine’s Day table setting (or bar setting in my case). 

Add at least one heart shaped dish element, an accent plate, an elegant tea plate, small sauce cups shaped like hearts…these will last when your paper plates are gone so you still keep your Valentine’s Day vibe alive! 

serving tray breakfast in bed valentines day

My Top 5 Cheap and Easy Valentine's Day Table setting add-ons:

5 Cheap & Easy Valentine’s Day Table Setting additions:

  1. Napkins $3
  2. Paper Plates $3
  3. Mini Heart shaped sauce bowls/dish $9-10
  4. Conversation hearts candy $1-2 (use vases, candy dish, heart shaped sauce/dipping bowl, as table confetti)
  5. Felt Chargers – $1 (see my pink snowflake chargers I used from Target) For my Valentine’s Day Décor check out my Amazon Idea Board “Valentine’s Day Decor”.

Add an intriguing accent piece to the table setting for an extra elegant Valentine's Day touch!

Tiered Tray Farmhouse Décor gilded gold and silver ceramic figures Target dollar spot Winter Lodge wood block sign Book boxes vintage yard flocked christmas tree faux fur table runner mini pine wreaths DIY wood heart custom painted raised stencil damask design GG CollectionValentine's Day Light Pink Simple Heart Lunch Napkins
Some $3 napkins, a few peonies added into my winter floral vase, and some heart cookie cutters. Easy and lovely!

For under $5 you can transform your table settings for Valentine’s Day without buying all new dishes! 

Mix matched Valentine's Day Table setting navy and light pink heart
Here I just staggered and mix matched them...I like that too...its different!
8 reasons I stand firm on my love of paper plates as my number 1 must have cheap and easy Valentine’s Day table setting addition:
  1. their ability to be beautiful
  2. and functional
  3. easy cleanup
  4. makes me happy
  5. inexpensive
  6. disposable
  7. cheap & easy way to change the look around
  8. fun variations for seasons and holidays

Some custom Valentine’s Day crafts I made and added to my Winter Wonderland décor.


I found some great stuff at Target and made some great little crafts to add in. I gilded some ceramic hearts and painted and gilded some gnomes. They are both a really cute and easy way to bring in some neutral Valentine’s Day Décor while still keeping the winter love alive! 

Check out my Amazon Idea Board for My Winter Wonderland Decor.

To see the items I used, check out my Amazon Idea Board DIY Project Supplies.

Check out how I experimented with some of my Target finds to create some lovely custom Valentine’s Day Décor and custom gift ideas. More to come! 

Check out my Amazon Idea Board for My DIY Project Supplies.

For some Valentine’s Day Table Setting finds and Décor check out my Amazon Idea Board “Valentine’s Day Decor”.

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P.S. Valentine’s day crafts – More coming this week! 

Plus great Valentine’s Day Bento Box Ideas for Kids! 

Also, Easy Romantic Valentine’s Day Brunch Ideas!

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