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All you need is love.

John Lennon
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Cozy Winter Wonderland Décor

So there won’t be snow in Africa…or…Florida…but that doesn’t mean I can’t make it feel cozy and wintery on the inside!


I love the crisp air of winter, the smell of a burning fireplace, a warm cuddly blanket, soft squishy pillows I can just sink into and hibernate if I want…that’s the feeling I want (even though its 80 degrees here most of the winter).


From this love of cozy, was born my cozy winter wonderland theme.

Cozy Flickering Candles, little snow covered trees. X&O Willow Creek book boxes décor winter
Cozy Flickering Candles, little snow covered trees...


Winter Wonderland Decor Amazon Finds


My Top 5 Cozy Winter Must-Haves: 


  1. Blankets – Soft, Cuddly, White/Cream/Ivory/Neutral/camel/brown (knit, chunky knit, faux fur)
  2. Pillows– Mix sizes and shapes. Use different textures. Same here…Soft, Cuddly, White/Cream/Ivory/Neutral/camel/brown (knit, chunky knit, faux fur)
  3. Rugs – Mix sizes and shapes. Use different textures. Same here…Soft, Cuddly, White/Cream/Ivory/Neutral/camel/brown (knit, chunky knit, faux fur)
    1. My #1 snowy rug find below
  4. Candles – nothing says let’s snuggle like a nice candlelight glow
    1. LED baby: I love candles, but let’s be real, safety first especially with my kids, not to mention with the number of candles I use I might set fire to the neighborhood, so best to stick with LEDs) You’ll see I’m all about mood lighting! 
  5. Trees – not just for Christmas anymore! Ahhh majestic pines …well the song exists for a reason – “thy leaves are so unchanging” – I say this gives us annual right of use! 😉
Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Pottery Barn pillows Flickering Candles little snow covered trees X&O tic tac toe Willow Creek statue book boxes décor winter
Stay Cozy Winter Wonderland Decor

Check out my Amazon Idea Boards Winter Wonderland Decor  & Cozy Winter Bedroom Decor – you’ll see that almost everything I get from Amazon, so if you see something you like, you can shop my boards and find just about everything I’ve used in my decor.

Snowy fur rugs, lanterns, logs ready for the fire!

I do a ton of research and price hunting, and over the years I have bought, returned, and exchanged, all in the efforts of finding the best quality, price, look and feel.  Just because something is expensive, doesn’t make it great, and vice versa. 


In my “day job” (she types with a coy cocked smile, day job, lol), research is a huge part of what I have always had to do, I am good at it, like really good. So, that makes me good at finding stuff online that is often hard to find as well. 


My moms always ask me how I find stuff. We have this morning 3-way Facetime call we do most weekdays, after I drop off my daughter at school. We get together on Facetime, one mom a 30 minute drive away, the other mom, 20 hours…if you were speeding…so yeah, far away…thank the good Lord for Facetime is all we can say! 


Anyway, as we chat about all this and that, we always end up shopping together online for something! LOL It never fails! They will ask me how I found something, and I’ll have to send it to them! Yesterday my Twin (Mom, Aunt, Twin, Friend), finally feeling better from her awful COVID bought says, “ok now Twin, you need to help me find a chair to go in my back room now!”. It was hysterical. But that is how it goes constantly. By the time we were done she had so much in her shopping cart we were all just laughing! Sure enough, I had a cart full too! I guess our morning chats are great for the economy! 


I’m trying to talk them into a morning Podcast…so stay tuned to see if they play ball! I’m calling them out on it right now! They have to read this, so now they are on the spot, in front of the whole world! 


My point, aside from sharing some fun comical relief that is my little Coffee Mom Club, we help each other. We inspire each other, I know they say I mostly inspire them, but they inspire me. In more ways than they can ever know. Maybe if they do read this, they’ll see just how much of them shines in me because of their love, support, and ability to always make me laugh! 

With enough Coffee I could rule the world!

I love to help people find things that make them feel good. I love to do it for myself, and I love to be happy! I just want to spread some of my passion for that around. 



I hope I can take some of the work away for you and show you the best of the best that I’ve found! If I don’t know much about something yet, I’ll let you know. But if I’ve tried and tested it, I’ll be proud to put my OCD seal of approval on it. LOL 



I’m ultra-picky, and I love for things to look and feel luxurious…even better if they are not expensive!

winter Cozy Flickering Candles little snow covered trees X&O Willow Creek book boxes pillows décor
Balsam Hill christmas tree flocked gold and copper bronze neutral décor winter
Check out my Amazon board - Christmas Tree Decor Neutral Elegant gold bronze silver
Balsam Hill winter wreath owl bells décor
Check out my owls and finds on my Amazon Board
cozy winter snuggle pillows pinecone bed décor
winter owl bells décor
I love owls! I have many Kurt Adlers ones, they are so lifelike, soft, and so sweet. I just love them!

I am truly passionate about making things look and feel truly magical…that’s the only way I can describe it. 


Life is full of magic, just look around at the world. It is beautiful. Now let’s see how we can make it even more beautiful! 


Your home, no matter how humble, can be your own little castle, see it in your mind…think about how you want it to make you feel…then…make it your sanctuary, because that is truly what it is. 


Design your fairytale, one inspiring moment at a time! 


I look forward to sharing with you how I make my fairytale come to life! I hope you enjoy the journey with me! 

More coming, stay tuned!

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