Welcome to the creative mind of January Ember!

Here I will share my passions, creations, and unique vision. I hope you find something to inspire you.

Fueled by Passion and Coffee

Every day is a new adventure awaiting, an opportunity to create, inspire, motivate, and empower.


A few topics I am passionate about that you will find here:


  • Fashion – all periods, classic and timeless, bargain finds and luxury splurges
  • Design – designing, decorating, and creating custom pieces to create magical memorable moments and spaces.
  • Creative – DIY projects, painting, custom interior wall stencil ideas, custom artwork, creating magic
  • Lifestyle – Life, and all its messy bits. It’s a blog, I will write about love, relationships, parenting, being a work from home “single mom” entrepreneur, family, loss, kids all that jazz, and all the in between.
  • Health and Wellness – It took a hot minute, but I finally learned how important these are…my before and after pics will shock you! Tips on health, weight loss, fasting, home workouts with little or no equipment, stay tuned for the updates on before and after…how I’ve been maintaining, and more.
  • Work from Home – In a zippy and unexpected twist, before COVID I was already running my business from home as a single mom…I’m pretty OCD about organization, I just love it! I’ve got the best ideas for creating relaxing awesome home office spaces, “break rooms”, spa retreats at home, you name it! I’m the work from home, be happy, relax and enjoy it kind of girl!
  • Shopping – Shop my finds, share in my Amazon addiction, see where I get all my goodies, bargains and Luxury splurges (from someone who loves to save and hoard money!)
  • Travel – Growing up military, travel is now in my bones! I studied abroad twice in college, traveled and loved every second. My soulmate and I love to travel and we love finding fun places to take our kids. I’ll be sharing travel tips, destinations great with kids, and just some love of travel pics, stories, laughs, tears, and more! 


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