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BOSS - Entrepreneur CPA, Forensic Accountant, Financial Advisor Managing Millionaires

You'll see me sharing financial advice that my clients pay $500/hour if you get it here, take the freebie!

MOM - Mother to a beautiful little princess and (Froggy-of course)!

I am all about health and wellness, MOM-SELF CARE, being Super Mom, and running the world while I do it. Finding the balance on this lovely journey called life!

DIY - Obsessed with DIY project "Projecting" (hey, it's productive, meditative, and a great workout!)

On any given Sunday I have about 30 or more ongoing projects. You'd think I'd finish one before starting 10 more, but soon as inspiration hits I can't help myself.

BLOG - Hey, now I'm a blogger too! I needed to share my obsessions, ideas, and advice to anyone who wanted to listen!

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Latest DIY Blog Posts

I love to learn new things and I love to challenge myself. My mind never stops working, so I never stop! As many hours as I can find in the day, I will share as much as I can!

Latest MOM Blog Posts

My DIY projects I’ll share along the way:

  • major renovations
  • stenciled wall designs
  • custom art work
  • painting projects
  • furniture makeovers
  • home decorating
  • seasonal and holiday themed Décor

Super Mom stuff you’ll find me posting about: 

  • Bento Box Lunch Ideas
  • Playroom 
  • Princess room
  • Princess closet
  • Study areas
  • Organization
  • Birthday Parties
  • Princess Doll Cakes
  • Specialty Birthday Cakes

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