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Adorable and Spooky Halloween Bento Box Lunches

Fall is here and Halloween is just around the corner! Are you ready for some Halloween Bento Box Lunch Ideas?!

new bentgo bento box modern mint green halloween lunch
NEW - This year! Loving the new Bentgo box!

Let's spark some fun ideas for creating awesome Bento Box Lunches your kids will Love & EAT!

We are a Halloween loving family so it is only natural that I'd have to make Fall and Halloween themed Bento Box lunches for my daughter!

As I am sure you know by now, last year was the beginning of my Bento Box Lunch creations. All of these are from last year, which started my obsession with creating “themed” lunches!

bentogo bento box pink teal Halloween lunch

Even though I didn’t have a lot of fun tools yet, I used what I had at the time! Check out my other more recent Bento Box Posts here for more inspiration.

Luckily, with what I had on hand already, I was able to get creative and used cookie cutters for sandwich shape cutouts.

As well, I found whatever I could to create some fun Fall and Halloween themed lunches. 

At home one weekend, we decided to have a tea party so I made cucumber pumpkin tea sandwiches! 

Pumpkin cookie cutter Cucumber tea sandwich! We love these!

These little pumpkin sandwiches were a tea party hit and became a Bento Box inspiration!

Fall Bento Box - Pumpkin Patch (use a sharpie to write on the banana!)

Last year I only made a few Fall themed lunches, as I was just hitting my stride with the themes. The banana stems worked really well as “pumpkin stems”! 

halloween bento box lunch witch hat sandwich
Witch hat shaped cookie cutter Peanut Butter sandwiches

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When Fall came around last year, I had already been planning to make my usual “Baked Pumpkin Donuts” (I make them every year, and even my hairdresser requests I bring her a batch)!

My love of baking has been around a while, and I do try to cultivate it whenever I can, and if I can make something healthier, that is always my goal! 

Donuts….we love them! So much! Yes, they are not “healthy”, so I limit our interaction with the normal “fried” ones. 

Due to that deep love of donuts, years back I got some donut pans for “baking” healthier donuts.

Several years into baking donuts, I have perfected my easy, healthy, 100 calorie pumpkin donut!  YES, THEY ARE AMAZING! 

Healthy Pumpkin Baked Donuts - I add these into her Bento Box Lunches too!

These Wilton donut baking pans are awesome! You’ll see I use them to make cinnamon roll donuts, and all sorts of other fun, “healthier” donuts! Let’s keep it real, I was not giving up donuts! 

baked pumpkin donuts in donut pan healthy low calorie
These Baked Pumpkin Donuts are truly AMAZING!

Given my love of baking, last year I experimented a bit and made some healthy blueberry muffins. The blueberries were big and juicy so I decided to stick a big blueberry right in the middle! 

halloween bento box lunch blueberry muffin with blueberry eyeball in the middle
Blueberry muffins with a giant blueberry in the middle

The result…delicious and it looked like an eyeball! This worked out great for the Halloween themed bento box lunches I made! 

Muffins are a great pre-made meal prep item to easily add when making lunches. If you don’t know me yet, I am a busy busy bee, so I love anything that saves time!

Halloween Theme Bento Box with Coffin PB sandwiches & Zombie arm cupcake picks

Cupcake sets for Halloween with fun picks work really great to "Theme" decorate your bento box lunches!

The Zombie picks I used last year came from a cupcake set my mom found on clearance at Marshall's and gave to me.

She knows I love to make cupcakes! Thanks Mom! Likewise, my daughter LOVED IT!

Zombie Graveyard Bento Box

Here in the Zombie graveyard Bento Box lunch you’ll see I used several items from my Grab & Go list below. This was a 3 minute lunch prep quickie!

Halloween bento box thermos hotdog zombie lunch
NEW 2022 Zombie Bloody Hotdog Finger tomb

Even though I didn’t have any real “tools” just yet, you can see I still managed to pull together some fun little Bento Box lunch ideas using some pretty basic items. 

Each holiday season, you can find all sorts of fun themed snacks, candy, cereals, etc. This is something I always look for and make sure I have on hand for making lunches. 

Don’t underestimate the awesomeness of some fun themed cereals as well! Cereal is an easy thing to add to lunch, and it is a fun little treat that always goes over well! 

7 Easy Fast St. Patrick's Day Bento Box Lunch Ideas for kids healthy and fun
For St. Patty's Day I had the cookies, cereal, Shamrock sandwich cutter - the works!

Using Lucky Charms for her St. Patrick’s Day themed lunches really inspired me to start getting special limited edition cereal.

halloween bento box lunch brunch cucumber broom cutouts mini pancakes ghost monster bananas
Lunch Brunch - cucumber brooms, mini pancakes, Ghost & monster bananas! Gummy candy adds a cute touch!

Using gummy worms and gummy candy as a treat and decoration was a huge hit. 

While researching ideas on Pinterest I saw some cute Bento Boxes that inspired me, like this skull lunch box from Sugarspiceandglitter.

Pinterest is my go-to spot for finding inspiration, check out my Bento Box Lunch Idea Board for more inspiring content!

Halloween bento box thermos hotdog zombie lunch
NEW - 2022 Used a food marker to make the Ghost eyes pop!
Halloween bento box lunch Bentgo new black grey zombie sandwich
Halloween bento box lunch pink Bentgo
NEW - Fast Tombstone cookie cutter Leftover pizza lunch
  1. Mini granola bars 
  2. Cereal 
  3. Utz Mini cheese balls and Pretzel snack bags 
  4. Bananas 
  5. Animal crackers 
  6. Cookies / Muffins
  7. Cupcake Sets
Some fun Halloween theme "Grab & Go" items I used this year!
  1. Holiday theme mini granola bars are great for grab and go! You’ll see in my pictures I use those a lot. It is healthy and she eats them!
Halloween bento box thermos hotdog zombie lunch
Super fast, fun, budget friendly lunch- and she ate it all!

This fast lunch has a mini brioche roll ham sandwich, veggie monster chips and ghost puffs, clementine, Halloween mini granola bar, Halloween pumpkin Rice Krispies treat, gummy fingers on top of cucumber pumpkins inside of leakproof snaplock container.

2. Cereal – This is an easy thing to add to any bento box lunch and there are tons of cool cereals for Halloween! Think outside the cereal bowl! 

3. Utz Mini cheese balls and Pretzel snack bags – these are great to throw in as well! 

bentogo bento box pink teal Halloween lunch
Utz mini snacks shaped like bats and pumpkins!

4. Bananas – grab a sharpie and draw on it! Add some gummy teeth and candy eyeballs for an easy Monster!

halloween bento box lunch brunch cucumber broom cutouts mini pancakes ghost monster bananas
Monster bananas were a Huge Halloween Hit!

5. Animal crackers – fun holiday themed versions, you can see I have added some cute ones – bats and cats…

6. Cookies/muffins- the stores will have themed cookies, cupcakes/muffins, or you can make them yourself! A fun themed cookie is a nice treat and adds to the cuteness!

Add some gummy candy – this was so fun for halloween!

  • Gummy worms, monster teeth, whatever you can find

7. Cupcake sets – use the cupcake liner for snacks, and use the picks and wrappers for decorating – like my Zombie Graveyard!

halloween bento box lunch meal prep blueberry muffins eyeballs
Meal prep your own muffins!

You’ll see I use cupcake liners a lot for dividing snacks, they work great and you can get some really cute fun themed ones! 

halloween bento box lunch pumpkin sandwich
I used edible cookie markers to make the Pumpkin face on this cookie cutout sandwich
halloween cookie cutter sandwich coffin and vampire fangs peanut butter sandwich bento box lunch
Cookie cutter sandwiches - coffin & vampire fangs
halloween cookie cutter waffle cutout ghost witch hat bento box lunch
Brunch - cutout waffle shapes with cookie cutters - Ghost & Witch's Hat
Halloween bento box lunch home sick lunch melon bat cutouts cookie cutter
When school lunch brunch turns into "mommy I'm sick" stay home brunch! She loves the honeydew melon bats!
Tax season + Meal Prep Lunch Halloween = Super Fast Grab & Go Style!
new bentgo bento box mint green modern Halloween lunch
She loves the bloody hotdog fingers! Not a chip out of place at lunchtime with this box she said!

Another fun Halloween Meal Prep Food you can make ahead of time - Mummy Hot Dogs!

MUMMY DOGS: these are easy to make and super cute! Hot dogs & crescent rolls. 

  1. Roll out your crescent roll dough
  2. Use a pizza cutter to slice the dough into strips (mummy bandages)
  3. Cut the hot dogs to create “legs”
  4. Wrap with crescent roll dough bandages
  5. Bake according to directions for crescent rolls
halloween bento box meal prep mummy hot dogs crescent roll cutouts
halloween bento box meal prep mummy hot dogs crescent roll cutouts
Some got legs, some didn't - line up on parchment paper on baking sheet
halloween bento box meal prep mummy hot dogs crescent roll cutouts
After baking - this was a quickie trial run, but they were cute and yummy!
halloween bento box lunch ideas banana monsters cucumber broom cutouts

This year I'm going to make some crustless sandwiches with this pumpkin sandwich cutter and sealer set! I'll post updates on how those turn out this year!

Halloween bento box Thermos lunchbox mini ham sandwich on brioche raspberries veggie chips
Love the Thermos lunch box too! This one has lots of great removable compartments & containers!
new bentgo bento box mint green modern Halloween lunch

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my Fall and Halloween themed Bento Box creations! Subscribe and stay tuned, I've got a lot of Halloween decorating and DIY projects to share!

Halloween Hocus Pocus sign DIY canvas art layered stencil design I put a spell on you
halloween DIY potion bottles Harry Potter Hogwart's theme
We made these little potion bottles last year! Super fun & easy DIY craft project you can do with your kids!


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