Are you smarter than my 3rd Grader? Learn to build a blog post in less than 4 hours! Barbie Sabrina

Are you smarter than my 3rd Grader? Learn to build a blog post in less than 4 hours!

Take your child to work day!

I read that they really encouraged everyone who participated to share, so I wanted to share how her day went. 

I was very impressed with how well she did. I started a new business (a monetized blog), as I’ve been working on that business (I always take a sabbatical after tax season anyway, so my tax season vacay became my new business building focus time), I decided I would show her how that was going. 

I had her brainstorm ideas and come up with a topic she could write about, post pictures to go with her ideas, and think of what she could “link” to help people find her stuff to buy it if they like it…

She came up with her idea, How to decorate your Barbie Dream House. Then she added some details and supporting ideas and built her post in Word and typed it all up!.

Next I showed her how to build the website post page, using WordPress and the Elementor plugin for editing and building websites. I taught her shortcut keys for copy, paste, and how to toggle between her Word document screen and her website building page (Alt Tab). She learned this very quickly and mastered it by the end of the day (3:30pm).

During her lunch break and recess time she went and updated the Barbie house to take some fresh pictures now that she had her post ready, she knew she needed more.

She set it up, I helped take the pictures and we edited them and uploaded them.

After lunch it was time to build the website. We had our materials, our words, our pictures, and our plan.

She built all of the blog post elements herself as well.  I showed her what to do and she did it all. She added SEO data to the meta data in all the photos to enhance search optimization, and I explained how that worked and why it is so important. 

I showed her to to easily duplicate her sections and move them around in her navigation pane, she did this very easily! It took her no time to set up her template.

After she had her layout designed she copied and pasted each section she previously typed in word into each of her sections. 

Then she added her photos to her template she built. She added headings, added her own custom captions to all pictures (and did this after I only showed her one time where to click to add a custom caption)! She also changed the image size to the correct setting each time (I showed her once)! 

Every-time she messed up, she fixed it. I let her accidentally delete and then have to fix it so she could learn how if she made a mistake. 

She did not make many mistakes! She was a natural! 

Then I said, we need to show people where to buy the stuff you have, so we need to add our affiliate links to monetize the post, and taught her more on the principals of passive income. I explained how working for one day today (building a monetized blog post) can make her money forever, if designed in this passive income format. 

As I’ve learned about this new business model (in the new evolving technological business world), I have become more and more fascinated with the possibilities, as I see them, are endless.

We went to Amazon and started grabbing our links. I took her over and showed her how I get my links (as an affiliate there is a special place to get your links), so she searched for what she wanted to share.

I showed her where to click for the link, she clicked it, highlighted the html code (which I explained to her is how we talk to the computer to tell it what we want it to do and what we want to see), then went and pasted it into her html box links in her blog post template.

She did this for the entire post! She added a gallery (several photos), created custom captions, changed the column styles to how she liked it, changed the font types to the color and styles she liked!

She was still working on it at 3:15 when it was time for her to go to her gymnastics class. She said I can’t wait to get back and work on it some more! I said I know, it’s addicting, right! Lol

She amazed me! I was so impressed and proud I have not stopped smiling. She was the best employee I’ve had in 15 years!

She worked fast, efficiently, listened and more importantly, Learned!!!

Barbie Dream house sewing set closet seamstress how to decorate playroom doll Christmas
Click on the picture to view my daughter's post!

Save & share! 

Until next time…

Keep smiling, improve every day, and build a life you love! 

Yours Truly,

January Ember

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