12 home gym essentials you can hide in plain sight
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12 Home Gym Workout Essentials You Can Hide!

My Top 12 Home Gym Workout Essentials that you can easily Hide!

I know a lot of people have struggled with getting a workout in at home ever since Covid hit. I had already worked out at home before so I was adjusted to concept already. For the last few years however I had been going to the gym. I spent a lot of time there between weights, the stair climber and the sauna…it could be a 3-hour tour! 

March 2020, that all ended and I was back to my home workouts! Now, I also had my daughter home (as we were all quarantined), so that presented a new set of challenges. 

My first step was going back to basics…my yoga mat! I always start back with yoga. Stretching is so important, so this is my #1 absolute must have investment! I personally love the Jade yoga Harmony and Fusion mats. The first one I ever had I bought in 2007 and I had it until 2018 when it finally started to die after a decade of good use! I have a new purple one and I got the navy one for my office! 

If all you have is a yoga mat, you can always get a great bodyweight workout! 

Starting with a great mat is key! You don’t want to be slipping and sliding all over, and you need support. 

Must have qualities of a great yoga mat:

  • Extra Thick – 5/16′ is my favorite thickness (I have some tailbone issues and knee pain so this thick mat style really provides a lot of support
  • Good Grip – Natural rubber is best. You don’t want to slide around when you are working out and sweating!
  • Dependable – get a good quality mat, this is where good money spent is worth it. You can get a $20 mat and it will be garbage, or you can invest in a good mat that will be amazing, life changing, and last 10 years! 

I’ve used the Jade Yoga brand since 2007 and I was very happy to find them on Amazon. No other yoga mat has ever compared to this one for me!  We have 2 in our house now! 

Let's take the home workout to the next level!

All of these are items I use regularly at home and all are stored in my bedroom in a small decorative storage ottoman and under my bed (Bosu ball, yoga mat). 

home workout on the yoga mat

You don't need a lot of space to workout!

I have gotten in the best shape of my life working out at home!

Now let's hide your home gym workout essentials! I use a velvet tufted storage cube ottoman!
Bonus - it doubles as a seat for booty band workouts!

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