Rapunzel doll birthday party tower table view buttercream cake DIY Tangled

Frying pans, who knew right?!

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20 Rapunzel Princess Birthday Party Ideas with 8 DIY Tangled Projects

20 Budget friendly DIY craft and party Ideas to create a Magical Rapunzel Disney Tangled Theme Celebration worthy of any lost princess!

Tangled had been one of my favorite Disney movies since it came out in 2010! I was so thrilled when my daughter fell in love with Tangled and decided she wanted a Rapunzel birthday party when she turned 4. 

We were watching Tangled over and over and my creative juices were flowing! Of course I researched and got on Pinterest and looked for all sorts of ideas! I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted to buy of course, so I decided I would see if I could make them! 

One thing I really wanted for her birthday was a Rapunzel doll cake. I called a bunch of local bakeries and even checked with the grocery stores to see if anyone could make it. I couldn’t find anyone to do it! 

In true DIY fashion, I figured, how hard could it be? I knew I could make decent enough cupcakes, I’d at least practiced that a bit at this level in my decorating career.

DIY Rapunzel Sun Flower

I really wanted a “Rapunzel Sun Flower”, and that was one of the easiest projects I did. 

Rapunzel sun flower diy project Tangled

My DIY Rapunzel Sun Flower was an Easy and lovely décor addition!

Rapunzel doll birthday party tower table view buttercream cake DIY Tangled
Rapunzel party flower arrangements diy decor Tangled

I got the set of Tangled figurine toys to use around the tower and along the table display. These worked really well and the size was a good proportion to my Tower I built. Bonus, they are a toy my daughter still plays with! 

How hard could it be do make a Princess Doll cake after all? Project Rapunzel Doll Cake was on!

I bought the Wilton doll cake pan from Amazon and I used a regular Rapunzel doll (not the pick, but you can get a Rapunzel doll pick if you prefer). I wanted the real doll so I got that and braided the hair myself. 

8 DIY Projects for Rapunzel Birthday Party Décor & Cake:

  1. DIY Rapunzel Tower Replica
    • Easy to medium difficulty
  2. DIY Yarn Rapunzel braid with flowers (Large and Mini for tower)
    • Easy project, Fast (my nearly 4 year old and I made it together. We laid out all the yarn across the house and made a giant braid, then added some flowers…)
    • BONUS DIY PROJECT – Make Gerbera Daisy Flower Hair clips (I got some alligator clips and hot glued them on and gave them to all the girls at the party, and used the others on the Rapunzel braid we made)
  3. DIY – Flower arrangements
    • Easy project
  4. DIY – Rapunzel Sun Flower
    • Easy Project, Fast
  5. DIY Cake & Cupcakes: Easy Buttercream: (buy the sugar paste flowers pre-made)
    • Doll Cake and
    • cupcakes
  6. DIY – Wrapped utensils Forks/napkins/tags “best day ever” rollup utensils
  7. DIY – “Snuggly Duckling” chalkboard sign
  8. DIY – Flynn Rider “Wanted poster” for birthday (I used an app and made a wanted poster with my daughter’s picture on it, used distressing ink to make it look old, and burned the edges. I made several copies and put them on all the trees surrounding the party at the park)

12 Additional Rapunzel Birthday Party Décor Ideas 

Décor additions:

  1. Add characters (Disney set of small cake toppers or toys)
  2. Rapunzel Crown
  3. Flynn Rider satchel/brown bag
  4. Rapunzel Doll
  5. Flynn Rider Doll
  6. Maximus Horse
  7. Mini frying pans
  8. Moss table runner/
  9. grass
  10. Pebbles/rocks
  11. Moss
  12. Topiary trees
RAPUNZEL PARTY cupcakes yellow buttercream and flowers Tangled
RAPUNZEL PARTY cupcakes purple white yellow buttercream and flowers Tangled

Check out my other posts for more on my DIY projects! 

Rapunzel doll birthday party tower table view buttercream cake DIY Tangled
This was a fun project to do! Surprisingly easy, but the details took some love and time!
RAPUNZEL PARTY cupcakes Tangled
As I was making the cake I created a few different colors with my icing, so I used all of my leftover icing to make a bunch of cupcakes and added some of the sugar paste flowers on top.
Rapunzel doll birthday party tower table view buttercream cake DIY flynn rider maximus horse Tangled

Create a magical garden party with topiary trees, moss table runner, riverbed rocks, bright flowers, and a secret Rapunzel Tower! 

Rapunzel doll birthday party tower table view buttercream cake DIY flynn rider Tangled maximus horse
Love the mini frying pans! Flynn Ryder and Maximus are just so cute!
Rapunzel doll birthday party tower table view buttercream cake DIY Tangled
Used green plastic table cloths and moss table runners
Rapunzel tower close up door view birthday cake Tangled
Hated to cut the cake but no one drop was left! It was delicious!
Rapunzel doll birthday party tower table view buttercream cake DIY Tangled
Rapunzel doll birthday party tower table view buttercream cake DIY Tangled
Hated to cut the cake but it was delicious and every bit of it was eaten! That is the test of a good cake! 🙂
Rapunzel party outdoor park table view flowers Tangled
We had a very windy day at the park so I advise you add rocks to your flower arrangements to weigh them down if you do it outdoors! We had flowers flying al over the place! LOL
Here are a few lessons I learned during this Rapunzel Tangled theme birthday party project

Lessons I learned: 

  • Buttercream frosting – make sure butter is room temperature, otherwise frosting doesn’t come out very smooth
  • Best to take doll dress off (this was my first one ever, so I got lucky I wrapped it good and didn’t break the cake)
  • Check to see if it is windy if you have an outside party – add rocks or weights to lightweight flower arrangements! 
  • Also if you are planning streamers, table setup, etc, for an outdoor party…rethink that! Even a little wind ruins a nice table setting…I had an elaborate table design for each table planned and the wind just made it completely impossible! So…be aware of that! 
  • Just Try– I honestly never thought I could make a Rapunzel doll cake or a Rapunzel tower. I am so glad I didn’t let me fear of the unknown keep me from at least trying. I know it may not be perfect, but to my daughter it was and it still is when she looks back at it now. We did these projects together, had fun together made memories together! So even if the cake and the tower had been a total nightmarish disaster, it would have all been worth it! Luckily it turned out pretty amazing! 
  • Have FUN and Experiment with it! 

#1 Lesson - TRY IT! You never know what you can do until you TRY!

Rapunzel tower close up door view birthday cake diy Tangled
My Rapunzel tower in progress. This was so fun to make! It is in the attic looking for a maekover so let's see if it gets brought back to life soon!

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my Rapunzel Party planning ideas. I really love Rapunzel and the movie Tangled so I wanted to do it justice. This was my first attempt at a doll cake, buttercream frosting, and building anything quite like this so it was a serious learning project. I loved it all though and looking back I am so happy with how it all turned out. It gives me hope for the future of possibilities! 

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