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5 of the worst things you could do to screw up a Relationship.

Take what happened with Kirsten Stewart and Robert Pattinson for instance..

But, besides cheating, here are 10 of the worst things you could do to screw up a Relationship.


1.        LYING.

“hey baby, where are you?”


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“..just home babe, you?”

no matter how little the lie is, eventually when you’re caught.. your boyfriend or your girlfriend would trust you less. And what’s a relationship without trust? it’ll get annoying being questioned all the time…


2.        Making them a 100, when they make you a 1.


simple. don’t stop making him/her your priority. Don’t get too comfortable. sometimes in long term relationships it’s so easy to stop trying, and making those efforts you once made when you two had just started dating.


3.     Being Selfish.


i’m sorry but, some girls are so selfish. it’s disgusting. Yes, you’re a woman. “you have needs.” but so does everyone else. In a relationship, you learn to compromise. In general as well. Meet your partner halfway. pay attention to their needs. Not just yours


4.       Not being as Affectionate.

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or spontaneous.. 

don’t get bored/tired. Make that effort still.


5.       Taking them for Granted.


This is one of the worst things.. ever.

Because eventually.. he/she would get tired of trying, and then leave.



Friends with Company | Chapter 5.



I got to the apartment and remembered to text Avery almost immediately. I found January sitting on the couch, removing what was left of her nail polish. “I could swear you’ve had that color on since the beginning of the year” I said teasing her. God, I looked like absolute shit. I looked like someone that had just walked out of a Disney convention, only Instead of looking like Cinderella, I looked more like one of her ugly step sisters. I had messy hair. I still had my make up on from the day before, so you can imagine how that looked. and then most of all.. I was still wearing the dress. I had, had to ride the bus home considering Damien was busy. the thought of him being with Avery really almost made me cry. and that’s saying something. Because I’ve cried just 3 times in my entire adult life. The first time was when my grandma passed away. The second time was when Jesse, my ex boyfriend stole all my paintings, and planned to sell them on eBay. the third time was last year when I had really wanted to go to a paramore concert but I had found out the tickets were sold out at last minute, and then like a knight in shining Armour, Damien had come, giving me a ticket along with a backstage pass. now, that usually might not have made me cry, despite how sweet it was. But it was my 19th birthday and nothing was going my way. Right until Damien got me the ticket. I thanked him that night, I thought smiling. oh, I thanked him well. “Ashley! Come look who’s doing the walk of shame at..” January said looking at her watch. “at 12:30 in the afternoon” she continued. Ashley ran into the room almost immediately. She ran me up and down before she said a word. “well, the least he could do was let you borrow his clothes” she finally said. January was laughing hysterically. “Maybe all he has are skinny jeans and net shirts” she added almost falling off her chair. “..Or tights!” Ashley said laughing too. I was confused for a second, till I realized what the idiot’s were laughing at. I had told them “Craig” was gay last night. I sighed. I had to start keeping up with my lies or had start making better ones. I just decided to let them have their fun. I was too tired to argue with them anyway. And I needed a shower. “How was he Sam?” January continued. “..was he only comfortable with hitting it from the back? ahhhahhahaha” and I promise you. That’s exactly how she laughed. “it’s pretty clear you need good dicking Jen.” I said before I slammed my room door shut. That might at least keep her quiet for a little while. all I could hear after was Ashley laughing. I immediately got out of the dress, and headed for the shower. before I got in I glanced at my clock and saw it was 1pm. Great, I had thought. it wasn’t even 2 yet, and I was already having a bad day. I stayed in the shower for about 30 minutes. I should have just ran myself a bath I had thought. Damien had called almost twenty times, but I really didn’t want to talk to him. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I got out of the shower, and picked out a sun dress. that’s what I loved about sun dresses. They were the most comfortable things to wear. well, to me. But what I really loved about it was.. i could always rely on them to wear, when I didn’t want to go through the stress of Jeans etc. I opened the door to my room, and I couldn’t find January or Ashley anywhere. I was glad. Those two could really be annoying when they wanted to. They were both probably in January’s room, looking up the best club’s in NYC right now. Let me tell you the best times January and Ashley made the best company.. Friday nights.
I found my way to the kitchen to get some ice cream from the freezer, because it was all I wanted. But then I remembered Avery had told me Ashley had pigged out on it yesterday. Ice cream eating pig, I thought. I loved January and Ashley so much. really. Today just wasn’t a very good day for me. I took out my phone, and typed out “get Ben and Jerry’s chocolate flavored ice cream tomorrow” I wrote in my reminders. Which is when I scrolled down and saw “Get to your 9am class on time tomorrow”
“fuck!” I yelled out. How the hell did I forget I had a class this morning!? I thought. But then I remembered all that happened this morning, and then it just put me in a worser mood. I went to my room, got my purse, put on some slippers and out the door I was, on my way to campus.
I took a taxi, so I was there in about an hour, no thanks to traffic. I had called christen, we had the economics class together, and she was a good friend of mine, so I was hoping on her filling me in on what I had missed, but she wasn’t picking up, so I found my way to her hostel. Her room was on the top floor so imagine how many stairs I had, had to climb. I finally got there, but then I guess God had put it in stone that today wasn’t going to be a very good day for me because her room was locked. all I could think about were the many stairs I had climbed. Why isn’t teleporting a thing yet?! We’re in the 21st century goddammit. I thought frowning. I really was in a terrible mood, so I really didn’t care when someone had murmured “lighten up babe.” I tried to stop frowning a bit after that, but then I guess I was so caught up in my thoughts I didn’t realize I was walking extremely fast, which is when I slammed into someone. I was on the floor with my underwear on full view. I should have wore jeans I thought. Jeans wouldn’t go all the way up to your face showing your “spank me” underwear. Jeans are loyal to you. I think when that happened, I had just given up. I had decided to lay on that floor, and stay there till whenever. Because the person I slammed into kind of panicked. “oh my God, are you okay?!” the voice kept asking me. No. I just want to lay here. can you please get a pillow, and some chocolate while you’re at it? I thought but didn’t say. the person was about to call an ambulance, when I had realized it was time to get up. I rose my head up, and the person was relived and helped me off my feet, which was when I finally got a good look at the person I had bumped into. the first thing I had noticed where his eyes. They were as brown as.. well, whatever it is that’s really brown. and then his nose, and his lips. I just really couldn’t stop staring at his face. He was looking at me too. Well, of course he was looking at me. Probably wondering if I was crazy, because I was just staring. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have been speed walking” I finally managed to say, realizing I had been staring at this boy for almost 5 minutes. “It’s okay” he said laughing. “can’t be late for your class” he added. Except, I wasn’t running to any class. “yeah” I said, forcing laughter slowly finding my way to the staircase. “Except, you weren’t actually running to a class?” He asked smiling, almost reading my thoughts. I smiled back. “I was just kind of in a hurry” I replied. “well, be careful next time beautiful. I could have been the dean” “good thing you weren’t” I replied laughing. Did he just call me beautiful? smooth. “I’m Alex, what’s your name?” he asked, his voice was soothing. “Sam” I replied, trying to make my voice sound 10 times better than it actually was. “Samantha?” He had asked me. oh, just thank my parents for giving me a boys name. I had never minded up until now. I nodded. “well, you better get going Samantha.” He said. I gave him the same look a puppy who doesn’t want you to leave gives you. And I wasn’t even aware till he said.. “you were in a hurry?” “I’ll be seeing you again” he added smiling, then walked away.


- ask Avery, January or Ashley if they know an Alex. God! Why didn’t I ask for his last name?


5 Lessons learned from She’s the Man

she’s the man should be on the top 5 list of movies every girl should have seen. it’s super hilarious and we give all praises to Amanda bynes for that. I’ve seen it about a million times (and you should too, because it’s that awesome) i saw it recently, and i realized it teaches us a thing.. or two.


1- tampons are more useful than you think.




2 – switching lives with your sibling isn’t such a bad idea.




3 – Girls can do what boys can, sometimes even better!

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4 – sometimes be yourself. If you’re into sports, that’s great.  Not everyday try to be what you’re not and be “ladylike”




5 – If your boyfriend is a dick, you break up with that dick!

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our little secret: my brother’s cheating on his girlfriend, should i tell her?

My brother has been going out with his girlfriend for 2 years now, and me and her have become super close. she’s like my best friend considering we’re about the same age. Last week i found out my brother has been cheating on her and i actually don’t know what to do. HE’S MY BROTHER. I can’t just tell her. That’ll be so fucking terrible. But then she’s my friend. I can’t even look her in the eye anymore because all i want to do is tell her. I spoke to my brother about it and he said he’ll tell my parents some bad thing i did at a party last year if i do because he has pictures. I know he was joking, but then he got serious and said i shouldn’t tell her that it was just a one time thing. But i still saw him with the same girl like two days ago. His girlfriend has been having thoughts about it because she heard from someone else that he might actually be cheating, and then she asked me recently, but i couldnt say anything even though i really wanted to. I know if she finds out later that i knew, she probably wouldnt want to speak to me.

I’ve actually been telling my brother to stop it. i dont understand boys at all. his girlfriend is actually almost perfect, i dont know what he’s doing. he keeps saying it was a one time thing, but he still keeps seeing the girl. and i’m getting tired of lying to her!


confessions of a teenage girl: I’m hooking up with my friend’s cousin.

okay she’s not really my friend, i just hang out with her sometimes. She turned 18 a few weeks ago, and thats where i met her so very fine (name withheld) cousin. I’m not even that type of person but we hooked up that day and it’s been happening ever since.

we aren’t in a relationship. and i dont even want a relationship. i’m just kind of bothered because its the girls cousin. my friends cousin i mean. ive been thinking of telling her because, it’s kind of someone, isnt it? and i actually dont want her to find out from someone else, not that anyone else knows about it. but still

is it a horrible thing? it’s not like it isnt her brother. its her cousin. i spoke to him about it and he didnt agree with me. he thought it wasnt really any of her business. but then i dont know why im feeling bad.

last week we were in his house and then she came over with her parents and i had to hide upstairs in his room throughout! :’(

this is why i think i should tell her. even if she isnt my closest friend, its still her cousin. last week she had this ‘family’ thing and i was invited, and he was all over one other girl. i got kind of jealous, and i think she noticed.

i just hope i dont start having feelings for him, because he’s actually not the nicest person. but the gives are gr888888


our little secret: I drunk texted her thinking she was someone else.

i had been out drinking with my friends. It was a turnt Saturday. It was just with my guys. I wasn’t planning on going home that day so i went home with a friend, and my girlfriend kept calling me because i had told her it was just going to be a quiet night of FIFA.  She kept calling and calling but i was so messed up i didn’t even know how to pick up the phone. And at the time i was kind of seeing this other girl. Nothing serious, if you understand. Anyway i got to my friends house and decided i’ll text her, if i’m able to. Before i pass out. I have no idea what happened that night, it was the next morning i had seen what i had done. I had texted my girlfriend, knowing i was texting her. Aware that what i was typing was supposed to be sent to her. The next morning i saw that i actually did text her, but what i sent was supposed to be for the other girl. What i had written in the text was very dirty, and if that had only been what i had sent, i’d have been happy. And my girlfriend would have thought i was just sexting her. But at the end, i called her the other girls name. And she knew, because a few days later she broke up with me