spring easter decor tulips topiaries
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7 Easy Neutral Spring Décor Ideas that are Charming and Elegant

Bringing you my TOP 7 elegant, charming, and most importantly Versatile, Spring Decor items you can use to spruce up your home and your emotional state!

Did you know that having florals and greenery in your home, even faux ones, can have health benefits? It’s true! Having some real eucalyptus and some plants that give off oxygen is the best way to get maximum health benefits from indoor greenery, but don’t let the faux stuff fool you! 

Just having greenery around your home, faux plants, trees, flowers, vines, creates a feeling of connecting to the outdoors, to nature. Nature promotes a sense of calm, growth, well-being. Why do we love Christmas trees so much? They are a beautiful breath of fresh air in our homes, they make us feel warm and cozy, connected to nature.

Even the fake trees give us that feeling (now that I am obsessed with faux Christmas Trees, I can concur). My Christmas trees stay up till March most years now, as I like to style seasonal trees (check out my Christmas tree addiction here).

My major point here is that having plants in your home, even the fake ones can help you feel more connected to nature and therefore help you to feel happier and calmer. Pick greenery and florals that just make you smile, so when they are sitting around your house, they make you smile and they comfort you. 

After all, that is what Home Decor is all about, giving you the feeling that your home is your sanctuary, your safe embrace calming and protecting you and bringing you joy as only Home can do. 

spring centerpiece rae dunn wine glasses hello spring green peonies wine bottle decor
Spring is the perfect time to bring in some charming elements to your home décor!

Spring is such a lovely time of year to decorate! I have been in a very natural and neutral decorating mood of late. During winter I had a nice neutral woodland Cozy winter wonderland décor theme going and I really just fell in love with with browns and greens, wood elements and greenery. It made the house feel warm, cozy, and alive! I did not want that feeling to end, so as Valentine’s Day approached I decided I would create a Valentine’s Day Winter Wonderland Décor Theme, that meant making my own decorations, but hey that’s why I love DIY projects

Table of Contents
neutral Valentine's Day Decor Light pink simple heart peony
"Valentine's Day Winter Wonderland Décor Theme"

You can see in my Valentine’s Day Winter Wonderland Décor Theme I still have my wintery pine woodland feeling happening. I have an arrangement of peonies and pine branches…which I found to work wonderfully together!

peonies pine branches Valentine's Day Décor Light pink simple heart peony
My GG Collection pitcher with pink peonies and pine branches

Now we have our starting point…we have wood elements, shades of greens, and plants! I knew with St. Patrick’s Day coming, Spring, and then Easter I was going to need to take this theme all the way through Spring (and who knows how far it goes)!

easter target plates carrots melamine green plaid placemats gg collection vintage wine spring décor neutral
You can see one of the green plaid placemats here under my Target Easter plates and Napkins – I love these reversible placemats. I have the round ones and the rectangle ones! And these Target bunny design napkins look so cute in my GG Collection towel holder!

Now that I started with my neutral wood and green elements (worked great with St. Patrick’s Day Décor as well), I started adding in the plants/greenery next. 

For Spring I added elements 1, 4 (my Spring Crafts DIY Wood Art), & 7. Take a look at some various ways to add in some pops of Spring! I move things around a lot, so you never know where something may pop up next! 

#1 Favorite Charming Spring Décor Pop: Tulips

Easter Spring white tulips flowers gg collection
Love these live tulips in my GG collection vase

1.Tulips They scream Spring, and wouldn’t you know it, that’s when the tulip fields in Holland are in bloom (alas, not when I went a few years back in October…sadly…no tulip fields in bloom, but checkout my awesome Holland/Amsterdam travel pics – magical even without the Tulips).

tulips lavender centerpiece coffee table ottoman stacked book boxes rabbit Spring Easter Decor with Lantern wood ring chain link decor Spring wood sign
I just love all these Little Spring Things
tulips lavender centerpiece coffee table ottoman stacked book boxes rabbit Spring Easter Decor with Lantern wood ring chain link decor gg collection heritage
My GG Collection tray on the family room ottoman for Spring & Easter

My GG Collection rectangular tray on my ottoman styled with book boxes, a lantern, my super cute bunny, tulips, lavender and a wood ring chain link. 

I love using these little potted tulip plants (from Marshall’s and under $10, I added the rocks on top for an elegant, expensive touch). The little lavender plant in the seagrass basket is also from Marshall’s and was about $10 also. TIP HERE: I love to add in things good for you, so ADD in some sprigs of REAL DRIED LAVENDER, to make it look more real, and lavender has relaxing and calming effects. 

tulips lavender centerpiece coffee table ottoman stacked book boxes rabbit Spring Easter Decor with Lantern wood ring chain link decor
This tulip flower pot pitcher is another Marshall's find! Can you imagine how full my cart was?! LOL

These tulips from the Target dollar spot section were really cute! I used these big tall tulips in a lot of different locations over the last few years. My daughter loved these too and she uses them all the time when she is playing!

purple tulips draped over rustic ladder beige blankets with Spring wood sign
Here I draped some of the purple Target large tulips over my ladder in the Family Room
tulips in gg collection acanthus planter in front of mirror topiary wreath candlesticks
My daughter even styled this little GG Collection Champagne bucket with this Topiary wreath and the Yellow and White tulips inside!
spring decor tulips topiaries silver bunny
Here they are in light pink in a tall glass vase on the fireplace mantel!

Tulips were my Grandmother's favorite flower, and perhaps it is her love of them that resonates in me. That, and they are just magnificent, even the faux ones!

Easter tulip spring decor glass vase closet
My DIY Gilded $3 Target Vase with some lovely Tulips - perfect in my Luxurious Boutique Closet!

#2 Favorite Charming Spring Décor Pop: Eucalyptus

tiered tray decorating eucalyptus Stonebriar Decorative Table Top Clock
This artificial Eucalyptus is great for Tiered Tray Decorating too!

2. Eucalyptus I am absolutely loving this in all areas for decorating lately! I am using both real and fake! 

  • Use it in garland
  • Use it in a wreath
  • Make an entire wreath – See my post on DIY Real Eucalyptus Wreath for Health Benefits (coming soon)
  • Use it in Tiered Tray Decorating
  • Use sprigs in table settings, I added a few around my plate settings, in my iron chargers – super cute! 
  • Use in floral arrangements
  • Use inside hurricane glass candle  vase – I used it here this year as well! 
spring decor eucalyptus garland succulents gilded snail from target
Here is my DIY adorable gilded snail, eucalyptus garland with succulents added in. So charming!
succulents tiered tray decor Spring green floral eucalyptus Bordallo Pinheiro Cabbage gg collection acanthus
Tiered Tray decor blooming with Succulents and Eucalyptus and a few vintage trinkets!
tulips lavender centerpiece coffee table ottoman stacked book boxes rabbit Spring Easter Decor with Lantern wood ring chain link decor Spring wood sign eucalyptus garland
Love this Eucalyptus garland, I've used these in many different locations too! Very Versatile!
Spring Easter decor eucalyptus bunny GG collection candle hurricane lamps
There is my favorite Eucalyptus Garland again, and sprigs inside my GG Collection hurricane lanterns!

#3 Favorite Charming Spring Décor Pop: Succulents

3. Succulents I recently decided to experiment with some Target finds to make “mini succulent planters” and got a few packs of “fake succulents” and now I am hooked! Not only am I:

  • making lots of lovely arrangements with these babies, but they also
  • work great for tiered tray decorating
  • adding to wreaths
  • adding to garland
spring table setting green cabbage dinnerware eucalyptus neutral decor ideas mango wood chargers gg collection cream acanthus plates
These dishes are my latest LOVE and Obsession! It started innocently with the little bowls...Now LOOK!!! LOL Obsessed, but rightly so! Stunning! A few sprigs of Eucalyptus around the GG Collection Iron Acanthus Charger (with the mango wood Heritage collection charger underneath!) Yeah, that's my other obsession! 🙂
succulents tiered tray decor Spring green floral
Get a nice variety pack of succulents, you can use them anywhere!
succulents tiered tray decor Spring green floral eucalyptus
Building a tiered tray with lots of different succulents, moss rocks, real pebbles, vintage pieces!
spring Easter decor eucalyptus bunny head and egg wood craft decoupage scrapbook paper twine
Make your succulent mini vase, easy as 1,2..DONE!
Spring Decor wood slice craft eucalyptus dreams Rae Dunn Jam Jelly Jar Candy Jar grapes Easter ceramics Kitchen bookshelf decor
You can see I use my eucalyptus and succulents all over!

Eucalyptus and Succulents are my top pick for MOST VERSATILE decor item!

#4 Favorite Charming Spring Décor Pop: Wood Slice Art

spring Easter decor eucalyptus bunny head and egg wood craft decoupage scrapbook paper twine gg collection heritage
These are all pieces I made! Check out my post to see how to DIY this project!
Spring Decor wood slice craft eucalyptus dreams rub on transfer art decoupage scrapbook paper poetry script
I made this with dictionary scrapbook paper decoupaged on and topped with eucalyptus dreams rub on transfer!

4. Wood Slice Craft Art DIY If you don’t know me yet, then you should know I love DIY projects because I love all things custom designed to match! I think that’s where my love for DIY comes from. I have an idea of something I want in my head and I’ll look for it everywhere.  Now with online shopping and its amazing technological capabilities to further enhance my shopping addiction, I search and search and sometimes just can’t find it. From that constant stream of disappointment, was the DIY’er in me born! Hence: Wood Crafts: (see my post on DIY Wood Crafts for Spring – coming soon)

  • Decoupage wood slice coasters – eucalyptus rub-on transfers (easy, custom to my theme, neutral, springy, and charming – all of my requirements!) 
  • Wood Slice (big) – sign style, I made some and put on an easel – and of course, they match! 
  • Mini wood serving board (Target $5 for 2) – these are super cute as is, but of course, I had to jazz one up and see how it turned out! 
Wood slice coasters crafts serving board dollar tree mod podge scrapbook paper Wood GG Collection Charger on gilded gold plate stand
I really love how these turned out, and it was so fun and easy and under $5!
Wood slice coasters crafts serving board Rub on transfers Eucalyptus dreams Spring DIY easy décor ideas
These were all fun wood Crafts - Spring & Easter Decor with a Vintage Flair! Love my new Green book boxes! The velvet ones are really luxurious looking! Love them!

#5 Favorite Charming Spring Décor Pop: Topiaries

Spring Easter decor chinoiserie ceramic bunny rabbit next to potted boxwood topiary 4' faux plant decor sitting on top of stacked vintage books on table
Love this little bunny with the miniature potted topiary plant on my vintage books

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Topiaries! I can say use them for Spring, but I use them all year and all over the house, patio, you name it! If you look around, you can spot many variations around my home…so, Love may be an understatement! Best part, I can’t kill these! LOL

I love book boxes too! You’ll see I use them a lot for an amazing organized storage solution – and they are so cute! 

spring easter topiary book box gold bunny decor
These potted topiaries are a Marshall's find and again, super versatile decor piece!
Spring Easter decor chinoiserie ceramic bunny rabbit next to potted boxwood topiary 4' faux plant decor sitting on top of stacked vintage books on table
I love topiaries of all shapes and sizes!

#6 Favorite Charming Spring Décor Pop: Bunnies

Bunnies aren’t just for Easter! Rabbits are one of nature’s most adorable little furry creatures! Where you start with a few and then before you know, there are hundreds of rabbits everywhere. I’d love to say this is purely a reproductive quality inherent to rabbits, but then how do you explain how I started out with only 2 or 3 bunnies…and now there are over 100 bunnies in my house this year!

Is that biology? It can’t be since they are all fake bunnies…and that would just beg more questions. The only answer – ROYAL BUNNY CUTENESS! Bunnies are cute, they make you smile, they are abundant in Spring, so yeah, not just for Easter! 

spring bunny wood decor mantel eucalyptus gg collection candle
On my "Farmhouse" side of the house - This lovely wooden bunny is a favorite find this year from Marshall's $9! Looks lovely among the Eucalyptus garland on the TV Stand!
chinoiserie bunny decor spring easter vase roses
This little Chinoiseries Bunny is one of my Favs! Adorable, Classy, Elegant - Charming! $4 from Marshall's! Can you beleive that!? See, Elegant doesn't have to be Expensive!

I am all about the “non-cheesy” Bunny décor, as I have a certain look I am always going for one way or another (cheesy is not a décor trend I tend to lean toward, but my 9 year old often disagrees LOL). 

Elegant, charming, sophisticated, vintage, European, Farmhouse, Chic…these are words I would use to describe my various styles of décor taste. One room feels like you just walked through a Tuscan villa, until you reach my more “Country-Chic-Farmhouse” style family room area. 

Your home defines who you are…and when you are a whirlwind of many things, your home will thusly show it. As such, you’ll see different styles throughout my home, and how I tie them all together. 

spring bunny decor mom and baby ceramic figure with gold painted ears
Another lovely Marshall's find, that sadly got killed this year...but I'm hoping my skills of gluing & painting can salvage them and bring them back to life! Frankenstein Bunnies coming soon! LOL

I love versatile and timeless pieces in all things, I find that is a general concept of style that I hold true to all areas of my life. I do love a good trend, but there’s nothing like classic elegant style, that is always in fashion!!! I have lots of candlesticks I move around that work in every room!

willow creek statue with velveteen rabbit book spring easter decor with eucalyptus garland
Farmhouse side - Classic Velveteen Rabbit book on display, with a Mango wood GG Collection Charger behind it, Willow Creek "Read Me a Story" figure, all surrounded by the Eucalyptus garland. I can't tell you how much I enjoy just looking at this every single day!

#7 Favorite Charming Spring Décor Pop: Moss  (Bunnies, Balls, Rocks)

I am loving all things Moss covered! These moss covered bunnies I found at the Dollar Tree are so cute! I found some at Target later that I love, I’ll let you know how they compare, both are cute! 

Dollar tree moss covered bunny rabbit Easter spring décor
Dollar tree moss covered bunny rabbits 3 pack
tulips lavender centerpiece coffee table ottoman stacked book boxes rabbit Spring Easter Decor with Lantern wood ring chain link decor
Moss bunnies and balls make really cute bowl filler decor
dollar tree moss covered bunny stacked books shelf decor vintage camera spring easter style
These moss covered bunnies are from the Dollar Tree! 3 pack! SO CUTE! What a great inexpensive way to add some Classy Cuteness!
tulips lavender centerpiece coffee table ottoman stacked book boxes rabbit Spring Easter Decor with Lantern wood ring chain link decor
For Easter toss in some cute decorated eggs into your bowl!
Dollar tree moss covered bunny rabbit Easter spring décor cloche
moss covered bunny rabbit in cloche
Dollar tree moss covered bunny rabbit Easter spring décor lantern
moss covered bunny rabbit in Lantern
Dollar tree moss covered bunny rabbit Easter spring décor
tulips flowers Easter moss bunny Rae Dunn over the rainbow Stonebriar Small 4 Inch Decorative Table Top Clock blue egg gold tree

I am so happy to get to share my love of Spring, Easter, and decorating with all of you! This is truly a place of wonder for me to express that side of me that longs to create. I hope I can inspire you to bring some magic and whimsy to your life, and just make yourself happy! 

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Keep smiling, improve every day, and build a life you love! 

Yours Truly,

January Ember

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