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20 Easy St. Patrick’s Day Decorating Ideas

20+ Easy St. Patrick's Day Decor Ideas that are elegant and charming!

st. patrick's day shamrock decor in cloche display

As someone who loves to decorate, you can imagine there is no holiday left untouched in my house. Decorating for St. Patrick’s Day has not always been at the top of my priority list since it is a “one-day-holiday” kind of day. Being an Irish-Red-Head, however, there is a voice inside me that often says, “you need to do more”. So this year I decided to do just that…my favorite word, More! LOL 

I love easy, neutral, elegant décor so I decided to stick with the basics: Go Green or Go Home!

easy st. patrick's day decor ideas rae dunn shamrock
I love these Rae Dunn Spatulas!

My Top 20 Easy, Elegant, and Neutral St. Patrick's Day Decorating Ideas:

20 Easy St. Patrick’s Day Décor Ideas: Elegant and Neutral

  1. Shamrock Planter filled with Eucalyptus
  2. St. Patrick’s Day theme cookware – like my Rae Dunn Spatula set, useful and can be used for décor when not in use! 
  3. Succulents – they are green, they are natural, the work! 
  4. St. Patrick’s Day confetti filled vase – I have a succulent filled vase shown here
  5. Moss covered foam faux rocks
  6. Pillow Covers – Pillows – perfect easy way to at a holiday touch!
  7. Dollar Store: DIY Shamrock Sign / Wreath
  8. Dollar Store: St. Patrick’s Day Farmhouse style Sign
  9. Dollar Store: Shamrock and gold glitter coin confetti (as shown used as vase filler)
  10. Dollar Store: St. Patrick’s Day DIY Craft Pot of Gold Sign/Wreath
  11. Dollar Store: DIY gold painted bubble gum machine (filled with green/white M&M’s)
  12. Shamrock baskets (I have a few collectible Longaberger baskets I use every year)
  13. Green books – stack and use for displays. 
  14. Green book boxes – stack and use for displays and use for convenient hidden storage
  15. Grapes – faux plastic green grapes, easy enough and always a great choice (I happen to have tons of fake grapes, so finding those in my house was easy!)
  16. Shamrock shaped topiary wreaths from Target $3
  17. Eucalyptus garland – green, natural, neutral, and stunning
  18. Gilded Gold DIY mini succulent planter – Gold, green, good! 
  19. Irish Celtic Blessing good luck shamrock ornament (I’ve had mine for many years – it says “Bless this home”)
  20. Wood serving trays & wood spoons – natural and neutral, useful and functional. 
st. patrick's day decor ideas easy shamrocks and dollar store
Simple and Easy St. Patrick's Day Vignette

I created this simple and easy St. Patrick’s Day vignette using dollar store finds, Target dollar spot finds, and of course some Amazon finds! 

st. patrick's day decor green faux grapes
Artificial grapes make for a lovely decoration!

Book boxes are one of my absolute favorite things to use! 

Embark on a journey of inspiration and creativity!

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