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Meet January Ember (aka Katrina) The Entrepreneur & The Artist Everyone said I had a split personality, like there were 2 sides to me, they were right! My left brain is The Entrepreneur and my right brain is The Artist. By “day” – I am an Entrepreneur, CPA/CFF/CFE-Forensic Accountant, Financial Advisor. In every post you’ll find some level of financial advice, it is so deeply ingrained in me, its a reflex and comes through in every “discussion” you’ll partake in here. Whether its about saving money, spending less money, or understanding basic concepts I feel everyone should know to lead a successful life, you’ll find that here. I’ll share how I became a Financially Independent, Debt-Free, Entrepreneur Boss Mom, and all the fun stuff along the way. It is one thing to become a millionaire, but it is a whole other thing to stay one, that takes financial discipline and understanding. With that said, my Right-Brain, January…she is the Artist! She loves to create magic! Even in my CPA job I have clients who have called me the “Magician CPA” because I could work magic! I realized my incredibly creative right brain only fueled the abilities of my left-Analytical brain. January Ember is here to show you her stuff! She was suppressed by the man for so long, always “playing it safe” as Katrina (the CPA) kept building businesses for thousands of people, watching them thrive and achieve their dreams, always pushing down her own dreams, quietly waiting for the day she would be unleashed. Today is that day! January Ember is all about her, even though Lefty CPA over there is always conscious and chiming in from time to time, this is January Ember’s House! So welcome to the home of my Right-Brain, we both hope you find some inspiration and please share the love with others! We want to help and inspire as many people as we can. Now with this beautiful global world we live in, that is a true reality. You never know what word, or phrase, or blog post may spark in someone. Sometimes it just takes that one word, to start that fire! Come in, grab some coffee (or tea, no judgement), and find something here to Ignite that Fire in you!

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